Watching a movie used to mean lining up to buy tickets, sitting in a busy theatre potentially filled with noisy patrons, or simply waiting for it to be shown on cable. This tiring process was frustrating for many people. Now, thanks to advances in technology, you don’t need to wait or be frustrated anymore. The availability of high-quality streaming means you can enjoy your movie of choice in the comfort of your home or office. Best of all, the businesses that bring you live streaming of movie services are fiercely competitive, increasingly adopting improved technology to gain their share of the market.

So the consumers are the winners as more options and developments are introduced by competing streaming providers. Before you can stream movies and properly enjoy this form of entertainment, it’s important that you be ready with the right tools and hardware. For example, you should be ready with an internet-ready television. Then you must choose which among the many service providers’ best suits your needs. Here are the top options when it comes to movie streaming.

Netflix– This Company began as a dedicated movies streaming business and has become the leader in the field. Now the company has diversified and focuses mainly on online streaming video content for different media like documentaries and classic films. From new releases to classic favorites, this company offers a comprehensive database and catalogue. Another advantage with this service provider is the pricing scheme. The company offers ‘stream all you want’ for a flat monthly fee. The only problem with Netflix is that the catalogue for HD titles is limited compared to its competitors. But you can always turn to other providers if you are looking for HD films.

VUDU– This Company offers a good selection of HD titles. They offer new and classic titles and consumers can subscribe for 2 nights for $2. What makes this newcomer in the industry stand out from its competitors is the number of HD titles available. It’s important to ensure that your internet connection is primed for HD viewing in order to watch the media, as the movie format it true HD and requires the proper set up to watch without interruptions.

HULU PLUS – HULU is similar to Netflix in many respects save for one. It delivers TV shows. For those looking for TV programs, HULU is the way to go.

Streaming of movies is here to stay; and the potential to grow a business streaming movies is still available. To understand how the technology works and how you can earn from the technology, work with industry experts like Streaming Video Systems (SVS). The company can help guide you on how streaming can be used for personal and business purposes.

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