At Streaming Video Systems we understand that long-range digital content delivery is a specialized discipline. That is why we are committed to supporting our customers through the constant changes in Web2.0 and wireless technology, listening to what they require for LIVE and recorded content distribution and delivering this service.

We focus on easy to deploy and use video cameras, antenna design and custom PC systems for offshore vessels and fixed platforms, around the World.

We deliver content in an array of formats and delivery applications. From Video email, Live Broadcast or an on demand scenario. Our package can provide this content via either public viewing, password protection or pay per view to ensure client content is protected and managed in the way you want it to be handled

Medical Emergency at sea, even with the most prepared vessels/platforms, critical events can happen without notice. Need assistance and words can’t describe it? Our MARITIME VIDEO DIRECT Division has the answer.

Previously satellite technology was the only option to operate long range communication devices now our MARITIME VIDEO DIRECT Division offers this unique cost effective service that allows vessels up to 30 miles offshore in most areas of the world to live stream and distribute digital content to anyone in the World with a computer.

Launched from your personal media center there is no more fumbling through multiple programs downloads and attachments.

Our simple click and go live system has customizable graphic ability as well as many other features such as live chat during broadcast and slides.

Maritime Video Direct web based Marine Streaming Communication Package is the solution. Tested and Marketed through Streaming Video Systems for your web based virtual media solutions.

Maritime Video Direct

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